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Nobody Loves A Fairy When She's Forty

fairy and sprite

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Nobody Loves a Fairy When She's Forty
Price: £65.00
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This poor Fairy is having a bit of a 'poor me' moment. She looked into
her Magic Mirror, and it told the truth. She knows that her dress is
past it's best, her wings are droopy and there's a hint of a double
chin coming. Her little chum the Wood Sprite is a kindly fellow,
and seeing her tears,he's rustled up a jar of Beauty Dust, all she has
to do is stop crying long enough to try it.

These One Of A
Kind 12th scale dolls are carefully hand sculpted from polymer clay
over a wire armature, and no molds were used. They have been hand
painted and the fairy has been wigged with doll viscose hair. The Wood
Sprite has real shredded wood for hair, and a real rose thorn claw.He
is dressed roughly in dyed muslin. The fairy measures approx five and a
half inches in height. Her clothes are carefully handmade using quality
fabrics,and 'grubbied up' just a bit, to help give her that folorn and
neglected look. She will stand without the aid of a doll stand, and is
jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, so can be
gently posed just about any way you please.The Wood Sprite is poseable

They come with a decorative stand, mirror and jar of Beauty dust.

A great addition to your dolls house shop or roombox, or simply just a fun miniature doll to collect!

They will come carefully packed, and signed by the maker. Proof of posting is always obtained.

If you have any questions, please contact me, I am always happy to answer any questions.

note that these dolls are intended for adult collectors only. Polymer
clay dolls are unlikely to withstand enthusiastic little fingers for
any great length of time. Also, small parts can choke small children.
The dolls clothes are not removable.